Essential Ingredients for your Business Success

The Little Book

The Little Book

Pull up your chair to Annmarie’s table, it’s the place to be for honest and hard-won business advice. Learn how adopting her unique combo of can-do attitude, people skills, and practical planning can help you make your business both fun and profitable!’ ~SStotesbery

It’s one of those books, once you start reading it you want to finish it. Not only does it do a great job of walking you through what you need to do to keep your business on course, it also describes the difficult times she encountered and how she ultimately worked them out, always marinating as positive of an attitude as possible.  My sister had just started a small business and we had been discussing the difficult times she was having. I sent her a copy of this book; she read it and was so impressed she immediately read it again. When she called me to thank me for sending her the book, I could hear the smile on her face.  What makes it so good is not just the information it give you but how honest she is. Annmarie is very generous about sharing her own experiences.  A worthwhile read. ~JHnath

That’s what a couple of my generous friends said.  This is what the publisher said:

Annmarie , Chef by trade, entrepreneur by heart, and single mom twenty-four/seven has learned many lessons the hard way. After building her corporate catering business to be the largest in the city, she ultimately lost everything in a devastating crash. Determined to see this setback as a catalyst, not an end, she developed a proven plan for how to manage your business from the inside out so that you can enjoy life and ultimately be successful! In Recipes from a Life: Essential Ingredients for Your Business Success, she shares these lessons, empowering small business owners everywhere to employ practical steps to making their dream a reality while still maintaining their sanity.

My sanity is still in question.  Yes, you can click The Little Book link above.  It takes you to Amazon.  I thank you.